If you are planning or organizing a wedding program, we offer a special program that includes various invigorating tasks for the newlyweds.

Clue's Story is a spiritual, emotional journey in which two or more colored threads are intertwined into one, combining the female horizontally with the male vertically, twisting the woman and the man into a whole.


Kāzu piedāvājumi


Kāzu piedāvājumiKāzu piedāvājumiKāzu piedāvājumi

Kāzu piedāvājumiKāzu piedāvājumi



Initiation of the bride and / or groom before wedding

To become a wife and husband, you have to go to the next level, in life. This stepping / ascension is called initiation and includes various types of trials (physical, psychological and spiritual) and actions, rituals to change, develop, transgress, transform energetically and psychologically in order to be ready to be a wife or husband. Rituals take place in nature, separated from the wife / husband, only with the organiser and, if desired, with some of the closest friends of the same sex.

Ancient pairing rituals

Rituāli jaunajiem pāriem

In ancient times, an integral part of the wedding was a separate, deeply personal and spiritual ritual performed by an experienced couple to the young couple, passing on the blessing and connecting the hands and hearts of the young couple. These types of intimate rituals include some of the matching rituals found in the Latvian tradition (putting on gloves, clasping hands, getting tied with a folk belt, putting feet on a stone, etc.), as well as many other rituals of the shamanic world or the interaction of man and nature. A true connection without the eyes of many wedding guests at a big tree, big stone, river, lake or sea or at a live fire accompanied by ethno-musical instruments is a moment that will be remembered for ever.

Sound therapy for a young couple

Rituāli jaunajiem pāriem

Quartz crystal bowl meditation is used for healing and meditative purposes, allows to relax and, when laying in the dark, by candlelight, side by side with clasped hands, allows better to feel the other person's inner world, and immerse into oneself and experience unprecedented frequencies that allow to see the world from anew.

Meditation of shamanic drums and ethno-musical instruments, on the other hand, ignites the inner fire, connects with ancient rhythms and mythical melodies, recharging and inspiring a new beginning.

All the musical instruments used - sounding bowls, bells, tingshas, gongs, kokle (Latvian string instrument), vargan (Jew's harp), drums, rainmakers - perform a body and mind organizing, cleansing and healing function.

Steam Bath/sauna and sound ritual for a couple

Rituāli jaunajiem pāriem

One of the most beautiful pre-wedding and wedding rituals is a joint bathing in the sauna/steam bath together with fragrant plants, mystical sounds in half-darkness. Performers of the ritual in cooperation with a certified sauna master Inga Kalniņa in the sauna in Aizpute District will create an indescribable mood of audial, psycho-emotional and physical well-being, so that the young couple, clean and connected, will be united for their married life.

Rituāli jaunajiem pāriem


For information:

Before performing the rituals, the young couple should meet with the ritual organizers and discuss the course of the event and get to know each other more, so that the ritual has more power, but the participants of the ritual feel freer and more open. The price depends on the type, duration and place of the ritual.

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