Kalvenes Street Houses No. 3, 5 and 8


3, 5 and 8 Kalvenes Street around 1910
3, 5 and 8 Kalvenes Street around 1910
3, 5 and 8 Kalvenes Street in 2014
3, 5 and 8 Kalvenes Street in 2014


The house on 3 Kalvenes Street is clearly visible on the left side. The address of this plot of land, one side of which bordered with Jelgavas Street, the other - with the current Kalvenes Street, was in the current Kalvenes Street, and it was built at least in 1797. The owners were carpenter Johann Christoph Müller with his wife Anna Dorothea. Both bought this property in 1794. In 1801, they sold their house for 440 Albert Reichsthalers to the bookbinder Johann Balthasar Kromphard for 440 Albert Reichsthalers. The Sale-Purchase Agreement states that the eastern boundary of the plot was a town ditch.

Just a year later, the bookbinder sold the property to Sibylle Ingelthal, the wife of the glove making Zunft’s master. In 1811 the house of the traditional shoemaker Johann Peter Glaesky was here. In 1834 it belonged to the coppersmith Peter Klaus Mohaupt.

In 1837 this property was bought by carpenter Johann Ernst Bruder for 1,300 Silver Rubles, in 1852 for 2,300 Rubles by Louise Skriblowski, in 1856 for 2,125 by Karolina Dannemann.

In 1863 there was one wooden and one half-timber (fachwerk) style house here. It is not known which was in Jelgavas Street, which in Kalvenes Street. Both had a total of 14 rooms with 22 inhabitants. Baron Paul von der Osten - Sacken, Assessor of Aizpute Supreme Court, also lived at this address together with his Latvian servant.

In 1876, the property was inherited by Daniel Dannemann, whose house had Josel Dannemann's small items store in 1879, but in 1884, the shoemaker Hertz Blum worked with 3 helpers and the saddler Gotthard Treumann with 2 helpers. There was also a painter Benjamin Levin Bombe.

In 1884, this property of Dannemann was auctioned and bought by Itzig Bernitz for 2,350 Rubles.

The next information found relates to 1908, when the heirs of Itzig Bernitz became the owners, from whom this inheritance was bought by Anna Rose for 5,000 Rubles in 1912. In 1916, there were workshops for shoemaker Nahmann Josephart and butcher Jakob Goldinger, in the 1920s - for dressmaker Emilija Ukstiņa.

In 1929, Anna Rose's estate was inherited by Marija Lagzdiņa, born Rose, from whom Jānis Venšavs bought this plot of land in 1933, on which there were two residential buildings. One building was in № 3 Kalvenes Street, the other - № 2 Jelgavas Street.

Today - a municipal residential house built in 1957.


№ 5 Kalvenes Street At the end of the 18th century it belonged to the saddler master Andreas Koch, who in 1799 borrowed 400 Albert Talers to build a house on his own plot of land. The living house was soon built, and in 1802 Koch sold it for 1,600 Talers to State Counselor Hermann Ulrich von Blomberg.

In 1818, the property was bought by the shoemaker Johann Heinrich Schulz, from whom it was inherited by his children in 1837, who sold their inheritance in 1838 for 1,200 Rubles to the Province Secretary Ernst Meczberg.

In 1856, Meczberg's estate was bought by Ephraim Dannemann for 1,900 Rubles, from whom it was inherited by Abraham Nathan und Rachel Dannemann in 1904.

Re the low wooden house shown on the postcard, the Council Building Commission concluded in 1910 that the house owned by Ephraim Dannemann's heirs was in danger of collapsing, which is why its use must be stopped using immediately and the building must be rebuilt or demolished. All what is known about the further fate of the house is that it was bought together with 4 Jelgavas Street by Louise Schulz for 5,000 Rubles in 1914.

In 1919, the residential building had damaged roof, the chimney threatened to collapse. The Aizpute Town Construction Commission has urgently asked to repair the building. In 1924, Schulz sold both plots of land to Hirsch Hillelsohn for 2,000 Lats, who had a barn for firewood here in 1934.

Today, such an address no longer exists.


The house on the right side of the postcard, which has a large chestnut on each side of the entrance porch, was at № 8 Boju Street, today - № 8 A Kalvenes Street.

The State Historical Archive of Latvia has a Sale-Purchase Agreement written in January 1801, according to which carpenter Johann Christoph Müller and his wife Anna Dorothea sell the house here to Johann Balthasar Kromphard for 440 Albert Reichsthalers. This particular document has not been signed, nor has it been entered in the Land Registry.

During the 1811 census, the house of the Swedish  glovemaking Zunft master Peter Klaus Ularius Ingeldahl was located here, where the Councilor and bookbinder Johann Balthasar Kromphard, Saxon, and the hairdresser Karl Benjamin Sattler, who came from Danzig, also lived here.

In the audit of 1834, the owner was Peter Olav Ingeldahl, a Swedish leatherwork Zunft master and heir to the glove master. In the same year, the property was bought by the Supreme Court's attorney, Joseph Wilhelm Christoph Seelig for 1,800 Rubles.

In 1839, Friedrich Karl Amenda, the clerk of the Aministration Court of Aizpute, bought for 2,583 Rubles.

In 1847, this property was bought by Court Assessor Fridolin von Aschenberg for 3,200 Rubles, in 1859 for 3,700 Rubles by Moritz von der Osten-Sacken, who in 1863 had a wooden house here, where in 12 rooms 8 inhabitants lived.

In 1884, Wilhelm Groth, the Supreme Court's Attorney, and later the Mayor of Aizpute, paid 6,500 Rubles for this property.

In 1909, this property was bought by Wilhelmine Natalia Alle and Rudolf Gotthard Müller, but in 1913 the property rights were secured to Wilhelmine Natalia Müller, who sold it to Jēkabs Valkašs in 1914. He in turn gave this property as a gift to his son Edvins Valkašs in 1933.

In 1922, the office of Aizpute General Health Insurance Fund was here.

In the 1930s, the kerosene, Latole and lubricating oil store of the American kerosene company JSC Apekol was located at this address, but from the end of 1936 - the oil product store of The Shell Company of Latvia. However, they were not in this house, but in one of the back buildings in the yard.

Nowadays - a private residential house.





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